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These cover photos were taken by Roger Hanlon at the Hordern Pavilion, one of Sydney Australia’s major music venue’s . . . I think.


I’d started the day with Fusion on the footpath playing to people walking by. Some Double Jay (now 3JJJ) presenters saw me on their way to lunch and invited me to play live in their on-site Radio Broadcast Van. They then arranged for me to play that night on the main stage before Dragon and other bands, where Roger shot the photos. It was a hoot, a BIG HOOT.


A few months later, Colin Watson, who let our family and friends (artists and long-haired, loud musicians) stay at Duthy Street for 7 years rent-free, showed me a Surfing magazine from his Pharmacy with a photo of me playing on the footpath that very day, by the famous Aussie Rock Photographer, Bob King.  Just another day playing ‘One Man’s Band - Sponsored by God, Personal Management Jesus in living colour by the Sprit’.


In between tours across Australia throughout the 70s, I managed to deliver 3 Albums - ‘One Man’s Band’, GIDDAY! and Yoohoo. The 3rd was recorded in a Sydney studio, supported by David Smallbone, the first 2 at our Good*God home studio on some days that were ‘non-booked’. There weren’t many ‘free’ days since we produced about 85 albums in the 7 years.


I wrote, played, sang and produced both cassettes. I loved the experience and the result. Hope you do too.

Gidday! CreditsFinal.jpg
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