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The 1980’s electro-pop two-piece band was based in Adelaide, South Australia. Gerry Holmes and Steve Daughtry met at church and, after bonding over camel jokes and gardening, took DANCING ON THE WIRE (DOTW) to schools and venues across South Australia and interstate during 1987.


Working with the Schools Ministry Group (SMG), DOTW played hundreds of shows to thousands of students in secondary schools, almost always to a very positive reception. The band also played at festivals and events, often associated with Fusion Australia. 

With Gerry playing synth and keyboard bass, and Steve slumming it on stand-up electronic drums (the first ever Roland kit) and drum machine, DOTW was portable, flexible and fun. Steve’s background in theatre and Gerry’s consummate musicianship combined to make DOTW an entertaining and relaxed team. 

The songs were recorded live to tape in August 1987 at Fossil Studios, Adelaide. The album was released on cassette tape.

Steve and Gerry also played together in 'The Puppets' and 'Three-Corner Jack'. They toured Australia with the 'Bushfire' mob in 1988 and have both pursued creative, Christian outlets ever since. 


Steve Daughtry on drums & Gerry Holmes on keyboards.

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