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Memories from Chris Adams


This was another album from the prolific Rob Timbs, recorded in 1989 in the historic landmark, Studio 202 in Hindley Street, Adelaide, South Australia. Rob had more material up his sleeve, and the idea for this project took shape. I was privileged to act as Recording Engineer and Co-Producer, along with Rob. 


These songs were written as “band” tracks rather than solo performances by Rob. A handful of competent local musicians and friends were chosen to come together for the recordings. Violin and oboe were added courtesy of Paul Tyson and Maarten Ryder. Don Whiffen joined on saxophone once again, and provided inspirational brass sounds and solos to the set. With Ray Shepherd on drums, and Kevin Edge on bass, we were all ready to bring Rob’s songs to life.


Songs about personal journey. Songs about Australia, and what it meant to be Australian in a spiritual sense. Songs about leaving, and later returning. Songs about vulnerability and place. Songs that called us to reach out to each other, and walk the journey together as one. Loud songs, and more reflective moments all came together over 5 months in that warm, lazy, summer. 


Rob was known to be a bit of a loner, but he always enjoyed these sessions watching his music being brought to life by other musicians. I remember the camaraderie and the fun times. Studio 202 was an oasis in the middle of Adelaide where we were secreted away from the hustle and bustle going on outside. 


Many recordings of Adelaide bands were made through the late 1960s and beyond in Studio 202. It was named 202, due to that being its street address. Good*God recording label moved in to the vacant venue in 1988, and continued on with their own journey. It was an exciting time as Australian music was still making waves at home and overseas.

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