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In the first chapter of John, it says that ‘the Word became flesh’. From there it’s just a small step to the title of this collection The Word Became A Song. The songs are based on stories or simple lines from the Bible. The lyrics are based on texts from the Prophets and Psalms, the Gospels and Letters.

The 13 songs were played and sung by the Adelaide band KINDEKRIST with some excellent help from Colin Schmidt (keys), and Jon Ormrod (lead guitar). Lead vocals were shared by Robin and Dorothy Mann. The album was recorded in 1994 at Mixmasters, one of Adelaide’s best studios.

The album is a good display of Robin’s broad range of songs. There are songs for communities to sing together (May We Be One, In The House of God, The Way is Low), some brief liturgical pieces (The Grass Withers, Jesus Lamb of God) and musical stories and prayers (She Washed His Feet, Midnight Dedication).


The mood ranges from the whimsical ‘Included’, the jokey Psalm ‘Complaint in C’, to the confessional ‘Long the Hunters’. Musical styles vary from the cool Bossa Nova of ‘Teach Me Your Way' to the big ballad ‘She Washed His Feet with Her Tears’.

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