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WORK & CHURCH & SATURDAY was my first album produced by Peter York and Darryl Thompson under the banner of ‘Sounds Good Studios’. 


We had two extended recording sessions, the first at Peter York’s house and the second at Dave Diprose’s residence. Aiming for a 'live feel', we set up in the lounge room, with drums in the kitchen. I had my harmonica amp in the shower recess for echo and recorded my dobro parts on the edge of the bath. There were overdubs inevitably, but most of the rhythm tracks went down with everyone playing at the same time. 


Lots of people showed up to lend a hand and a good time was had by all as we cut this collection of story and gospel songs. I was aiming to integrate the sounds of blues, gospel, country and bluegrass, music that I’d been listening to since I could remember. 


Thanks so much to all the artists who contributed to the W&C&S project. Their names are listed below on the cassette album cover.

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