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Reflections from Chris Adams

FOR ALL IN TENTS AND PORPOISES contained an incredible collection of ideas and influences from the late 1970s. Rob recorded this album at home on his 4 track recorder, in the quiet space afforded him during the day. Tracks have been layered, and there are a lot of things happening, with synth parts, guitars, and overdubbed vocal lines. 


Recording 20 tracks in 8 weeks during July & August 1980 represents a huge undertaking and an achievement given the diversity and structure of the album. Rob was both the Engineer and the Producer. From my perspective, it contains some of Rob’s most creative works. He embraced new ideas and concepts in this release and played all of the parts himself. It really was a melting pot of ideas.


This was Rob’s sixth album and released on cassette. His ‘play on words’ in the song titles of this album stemmed from his love of the absurd. In later recording sessions, we would often recite routines and lines from “The Pink Panther” movie and fall about laughing. Such comedy became an expression, and a part of who he was.

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