Rod Boucher is a bit of a legend in Australia.  Learning to play and compose during the Folk boom with ‘The Henchmen’, he moved onto Electric Rock in ‘Buffalo Drive’ who’s “Life’s been good to me” on Polydor climbed the Adelaide charts as they toured back and forth across Australia.  Next came ‘one man’s band’, a mini rock’n’roll band, very Aussie and very portable for the City and Outback in schools, pubs, churches, festivals, TV and radio (Hey, Hey It’s Saturday, Willesse, JJJ) along with a Community house “Good*God” recording studio producing about 80 albums for local bands/groups/ songwriters, songbooks and TV spots.  


Then the growing family moved to Sydney and formed the Techno band ‘iDeA’ with more touring and recording.  Slim Dusty recorded two of Rod’s more country songs with “Traveller’s Prayer” being played at his funeral coming out of Sydney Cathedral.  After lots of creative activity in Community and Church during the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s, touring in support of Larry Norman, Split Enz, Daddy Cool, Midnight Oil, AC/DC and many others, he and his family took their street theatre BedlamOz ‘Slinkies’ around the world for 12 years performing in festivals, concerts, product launches, museums, shopping centres, union days and celebrations, national and local from Europe to Singapore, New Zealand to Canada, the UK to the States and Russia to Brazil.  For the next 10 years in London they were heavily involved in Multi-cultural and Recovery projects while leading the local Church music team in songwriting for joyful worship and being ‘Rod the Revelator’ around that very big city.  


During several home visits to the Fusion Arts Colony at the Mansions in Victoria, he recorded 3 albums of new songs that are still gems - great songs, great players, great moments captured.  Now in their early 70s, Vivi and Rod are back residing in South Australia and enjoying 50 year Re-Unions of the Creative Singing Group youth choir and Buffalo Drive /The Henchmen/Genesis.  Their 7 girls (spouses and partners) and 17 grandchildren are all around the globe yet with them . . . virtually.

A more detailed history of Rod Boucher

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In 1981 Gerry and his wife Jo relocated to Adelaide. For 7 years he worked with Christian performers and songwriters such as Rod Boucher, Robin Mann, Kathy Pike, Leigh Newton and Stephen Daughtry.


In 1984 he began writing children's songs and musicals, principally for the Uniting Church. Songs were included in the “GOD GIVES - Songs for Kids” series. 


During the 1990’s Gerry and his family lived at “The House Of Prayer” in Goulburn, NSW and at the “Fusion Arts Colony” in Malmsbury, Victoria. These Christian communities were home base to many tours across Australia.


Over the decades, Gerry has worked to integrate and reconcile different musical expressions - traditional, charismatic, simple lifesyle, itinerant, radical, conservative ...whether it comes from a hymnbook or YouTube or SongSelect.


His songs can be found in many songbooks including the “All Together” series and the Anglican “TIS” hymnbook. His latest album, “Inspired By Hope” was released in 2015 and is available on iTunes and Spotify.

A more detailed history of Gerry Holmes


PILGRIM FAMILIES didn’t just happen overnight.  They are part of a long tradition of Prayer, Work and Hospitality in a shared communal life which stretches back 2000 years to at least the early Christians, who held everything in common and trusted God to send, care and use them as Creation unfolded, day by day. Big dream.


This collection of sing-a-long songs of the faithful was produced in Catholic houses in the north of England from 1997 - 2010, formed by Australian families of actors, dancers and musicians following Jesus overseas on their next adventure and taking with them the on-the-road riches that they’d lived as motorhome PILGRIM FAMILIES around Australia.  They bought with them open hearts, music and worship, tears and laughter and ‘The Pilgrim House Pocket Songbook’ is a sign of the Spirit moving how, when and wherever it will.


The composing, singing and recording of these songs arise from recent community life for PILGRIM FAMILIES at Good*God extended family and recording studio in Adelaide South Australia from 1975, St Joseph’s House of Prayer in Goulburn NSW from 1976, the ‘Bushfire’ Bi-Centennial tour right round Australia in 1988, the House of the Gentle Bunyip in Melbourne Victoria from 1972, the Port Adelaide collective from 1977, New Voice touring musical drama group from 1990, the Fusion Arts Colony with ‘the Waterhole’ recording studio in Malmsbury Victoria from 1992 with each building on the foundations of numerous Christian Communities in the 1970s.


Orders of monks, nuns, brothers and sisters have been prevalent over the centuries yet families with children living intentionally by sharing, creating and reflecting together seems a more recent movement. Probably the Pilgrim Families on the ‘Mayflower’ sailing from the UK to the New World were part of this blood stream.


PILGRIM FAMILIES were based in 5 different northern English towns, headed up by Paul and Helen Shogren, all members being very active in the local church, school and community.  Paul, Rod Boucher and Andy Redman put together this songbook for community use with David and Eden Turley, the Holmes family, the Bushfire families, the Cochrane-Igoe family, the Boucher family and ‘The Mansions’ families.  Songs were created for evening Reflections, Musicals, Schools’ programmes, Church Festivals, Blessings and Farewells, all expressions of a full-time, fulfilling faith.  May we be open forever.

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