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Rod Boucher is a bit of a legend in Australia.  Learning to play and compose during the Folk boom with ‘The Henchmen’, he moved onto Electric Rock in ‘Buffalo Drive’ who’s “Life’s been good to me” on Polydor climbed the Adelaide charts as they toured back and forth across Australia.  Next came ‘one man’s band’, a mini rock’n’roll band, very Aussie and very portable for the City and Outback in schools, pubs, churches, festivals, TV and radio (Hey, Hey It’s Saturday, Willesse, JJJ) along with a Community house “Good*God” recording studio producing about 80 albums for local bands/groups/ songwriters, songbooks and TV spots.  


A more detailed history of ROD BOUCHER

Rod Boucher-Portrait.jpg

In 1981 Gerry and his wife Jo relocated to Adelaide. For 7 years Gerry worked with Christian performers and songwriters such as Rod Boucher, Robin Mann, Kathy Pike, Leigh Newton and Stephen Daughtry. In 1984 he began writing children's songs and musicals, principally for the Uniting Church. Songs were included in the “GOD GIVES - Songs for Kids” series. 

During the 1990’s Gerry and his family lived at “The House Of Prayer” in Goulburn, NSW and at the “Fusion Arts Colony” in Malmsbury, Victoria. These Christian communities were home base to many tours across Australia.


A more detailed history of GERRY HOLMES

KINDEKRIST was formed at Scots Presbyterian Church in Adelaide, South Australia by Rev Rod Jepsen. He was a drummer and was joined by Scots members Andrea Findlay (later White) on organ & John Pryzibilla, sound & management. Robin & Dorothy Mann (vocals & guitar) & Brian Loffler (bass) were recruited from the Lutheran Church. Kindekrist was a folk-rock band that injected new sounds & songs into the life of the Australian church.   


A more detailed history of KINDEKRIST


This musical trio wrote and played original songs in pubs and gatherings around Adelaide in 1986. They produced this never released album at Good*God Studio with Keith Ellison engineering and mixing.

Born out of the Adelaide Christian music scene and catering to wider audiences, the songs explored current issues and the quest for meaning. Not many “Do you think I'm sexy?” songs in the back catalogue.


A more detailed history of THE PUPPETS

The Puppets-PhotoShoot_1986.jpg

Peter York’s interest in music grew from piano lessons in primary school then to picking up guitar in secondary school followed by years of song writing experimentation. After the Peter York Band (a 5 piece band) in the early 1970s and various other musical combinations, Peter performed solo for years mostly around Melbourne coffee houses, pubs, restaurants, churches and lounge rooms. Ten albums of his own songs were produced along the way which included many other talented musicians including, Duane Mitchell, Martin Zammit, Darryl Thompson, Steve Messer and others. Songwriting is still his thing.  


A more detailed history of PETER YORK

PeterYork WIX Portrait.jpg

PILGRIM FAMILIES were based in 5 different northern English towns, headed up by Paul and Helen Shogren, all members being very active in the local church, school and community.  Paul, Rod Boucher and Andy Redman put together this songbook for community use together with David and Eden Turley, the Holmes family, the Bushfire families, the Cochrane-Igoe family, the Boucher family and ‘The Mansions’ families.  Songs were created for evening Reflections, Musicals, Schools’ programmes, Church Festivals, Blessings and Farewells, all expressions of a full-time, fulfilling faith.  


A more detailed history of PILGRIM FAMILIES


DANCING ON THE WIRE was an 1980’s electro-pop two-piece based in Adelaide, South Australia. Working with the "Schools Ministry Group" (SMG), DOTW played hundreds of shows to thousands of students, almost always to a very positive reception. The band also played at festivals and events, often associated with Fusion Australia. Gerry Holmes played synth and keyboard bass. Steve Daughtry played stand-up electronic drums and drum machine. DOTW was a portable and flexible duo.


A more detailed history of DANCING ON THE WIRE


FLOCK was a 5 piece folkrock band formed in 1972 and was part of "Truth and Liberation Concern" and GOD'S SQUAD Motorcycle Club in Melbourne, Victoria.  Kevin Albrecht,  Bill Younes,  Dave Diprose,  Kay Fitzgerald and  Rod Vandersluys were  part of the “Jesus People” movement that was sweeping the world at the time. Their music style and lyrics resonated with youth in the first half of the 1970’s. Many students also were able to hear FLOCK perform in schools accompanied by Christian presenters.

A more detailed history of FLOCK

FLOCK Group PhotoBW_1.1MB.jpg

Samuel, Roberta, Bertie, Brenda, Gordon and Yvonne came from Ireland. A family posted for 20 pounds….. for the seeds of hate were germinating in 1958 and Arthur Calwell wanted more white Aussies. The Mullens who were hard working and skilful, were grateful for this beautiful and peaceful country of Australia, longing for this ‘home’ to be peaceful too. 

Gordon was almost 50 before he released his first album HOLD ON in 1994.


A more detailed history of GORDON MULLEN

Gordon Mullen.jpg

The COMPANY OF SINNERS was established by Steve Daughtry in South Australia at the beginning of 1993. It was set up under the auspices of the "Heads of Churches State Schools Ministry Group" (SMG), which was responsible for Christian seminars and chaplaincy in state schools. For just over a decade, the company worked primarily as a Theatre-In-Education unit to help young people understand Christian views of God, faith and life.


A more detailed history of COMPANY OF SINNERS


NEW VOICE was an attempt to integrate a broad arc of life, faith and artistic endeavour. NV was not just a band but also lived as a travelling Christian community. Their songs reflected the influences from their two years on-the-road at the beginning of the 1990’s. Their first album “Justice Whispers” was recorded in 1991 followed by the “Hot & Bothered” studio album in 1992. NEW VOICE was Paul, Helen & Casey Shogren, Tony Pitman and Dani & David Mills.


New Voice Adelaide_1991.jpg

Rob was born in Gosport, Hampshire, England in 1954 and migrated to Adelaide, Australia when he was five years old. He was a self-taught musician, taking on many different instruments which were used extensively on recordings of his 12 albums. His songs were filled with deep thoughts and lyrics that reflected on human behaviour and the work of God in the world. Rob was a member of  “The Flying Fettuccinis”, an experimental comedy troupe that performed around Adelaide in the late 1980’s. He travelled South Australia with ‘United Christian Forum’ (UCF) and ‘Schools Ministry Group S.A.’ (SMG), participating in over a thousand High School ‘Christian Option programmes’.


A more detailed history of ROB TIMBS


THE THREE BUSKERTEERS came together at the ‘House of the Rock’, a Christian community that formed in Houghton, South Australia. Sue Oliver (percussion, guitar, vocals) and Mandy Dyson (guitar, mandolin, vocals) had been performing as a duo, and were joined by Kathy Pike (guitar, vocals) to form the band in 1979. They recorded two albums, ‘Into the Street’ and ‘We Went to See’. 

Click to view WE WENT TO SEE  Album


iDeA was a serious Techno band formed and based in Sydney from 1982-1986. The four artists were Steve Lyne on percussion & vocals, Bill Nielson on keyboards & vocals, Darryl Thompson on guitar synthesizer & vocals and Rod Boucher as front man vocals. IDEA released 3 recording projects: “Turn Up The Tapes” a political comment single; “Stone Sharpens The Blade” a mini album through “Powderworks” and a national “40 Hour Famine” promotional EP album and a film clip “Now Is The Time”. Their personal faith inspired each of them in composing, playing and touring across Australia. .

A more detailed history of IDEA

iDeAb&w early.jpeg

Kathy began composing songs at the age of 16 and performed in bands around her hometown of Adelaide back in the 1970’s. She is still presenting her music in wineries, cafes, hotels and festivals. Kathy has taken the stage at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Albany Arts Festival and the Pittsburgh International Arts Festival U.S.A. Her music has been described as ‘raw and honest’ and her voice as ‘a blend of melodic beauty and emotional edginess’.



View KATHY PIKE MUSIC Facebook page


In 1977 Steve began performing on harmonica and bottleneck guitar alongside finger-picking guitarist Bryce Kelly. After a couple of years, their acoustic duo turned into “The Ordinary Brothers”. They performed renovated antique gospel covers. Steve was introduced to the guitar playing Kube brothers in 1981and they formed “The Okee-Dokees”. Bluegrass and old-time “brother-style” country music became a new musical direction. His albums have included “Work & Church & Saturday”, “Strange Country”, "Country Bazaar” and “It’s Real”.


A more detailed history of STEVE MESSER


During the 1970’s and 80’s, the Queensland based singing trio FAMILY made an impressive impact in the music scene. FAMILY released 21 albums and 15 singles. They won a Country Music Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for "This House Runs On Sunshine”.  They appeared on major TV shows around the country. Family was awarded the the Yamaha Golden Gospel Award in 2005 for their significant contribution to the profile, growth and deepening of Gospel Music in Australia. They toured USA, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.


A more detailed history of FAMILY

FAMILY-early album cover photo.jpeg

Robert spent 16 years of his life acting and singing in Australia and the UK. He returned to Australia with his wife and two children in 1974 to perform in “Irene”. Shortly after he was invited into full-time Christian ministry at Blackburn Baptist Church. He went on to use his gifts in evangelism, discipleship and music to present the Christian faith in a contemporary way. He made numerous albums including “My Tribute”, “Let Me Introduce You” and "This Is The Song”. He also had a lead role in “The Witness” musical that toured Australia and New Zealand in 1979.


A more detailed history of ROBERT COLMAN

Robert Colman Portrait#2.jpg

"Rosanna was born to be a dynamic live performer. With great vocals, fiery red hair and an imposing stage presence, she wields a Gibson electric guitar as front person for an aggressive hard rock outfit." - Vic Campbell. "Rosanna is one of Australia's favourite Christian daughters - an artist, music pioneer, 'electric poet' and pastor." - Mal Fletcher. " Rosanna would have to be one of my all time favourite Aussie women... passionate, tenacious, faithful and a woman that is all heart and all compassionate." - Darlene Zschech 


A more detailed history of ROSANNA PALMER

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Robin Mann writes Australian Christian Songs, performs them, leads people in singing, puts song collections together, records songs, and tries to spread them around - especially songs that Christians can sing together. He performed in and wrote songs for the band KINDEKRIST from 1971 to 1998. An honorary Doctor of Divinity degree was presented to Robin by the University of Divinity at a graduation ceremony in Adelaide on Friday 6 Dec. 2019 to celebrate 50 years of his music. His wife Dorothy has been a constant participant and support for Robin’s music over these years.


A more detailed history of ROBIN MANN

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