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The musical trio wrote and played original songs in pubs and gatherings around Adelaide in 1986. They produced the never released album "THE PUPPETS" at Good*God Studio with Keith Ellison engineering and mixing.


Born out of the Adelaide Christian music scene and catering to wider audiences, the songs explored current issues and the quest for meaning. Not many “Do you think I'm sexy?” songs in the back catalogue.


Steve Daughtry played drums, coming from a theatre background. He went on to form “Company Of Sinners”, a highly acclaimed theatre company that worked in South Australia and nationally from 1993 to 2005. He sang and wrote songs for "The Puppets" and during a national tour in 1988 called “Bushfire”.


Tom Martin played electric guitar, bringing texture and life to the otherwise keyboard driven sound. He was involved in “The Abode Of The Friendly Toad”, a cutting edge community cafe that championed the poor in Adelaide. A very creative collective. Tom has continued to play in bands across SA.


Gerry Holmes played keys and keyboard bass. A long-time songwriter who played in several local bands including folk band “Three Corner Jack”. He continues to write songs, primarily for church settings. Many have been published in various Australian and overseas publications, and are sung widely by congregations and communities. 


Steve and Gerry went on form, ‘Dancing on the Wire’, an electro-pop duo.

THE PUPPETS CassetteCoverFINAL_1986.jpg
The Puppets-PhotoShoot_1986.jpg

Above: Gerry Holmes, Stephen Daughtry & Tom Martin. 1986

Below: Stephen Daughtry on drums, Gerry Holmes on keyboards.  September 1986

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