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(excerpt from BLOOD brochure April1995)

The COMPANY OF SINNERS was established in South Australia at the beginning of 1993. It was set up under the auspices of the "Heads of Churches State Schools Ministry Group" (SMG), which was responsible for Christian seminars and chaplaincy in state schools. The company works primarily as a Theatre-In-Education unit to help young people understand Christian views of God, faith and life.

Today's young people are growing up in a multi-cultural society that has been shaped by the Christian heritage of the dominant migrant groups. Yet many no longer have contact with God or the churches which foster Christian faith. Company of Sinners aims to "re-introduce to the culture an awareness of the presence of God among us".

Theatre is the medium by which we seek to let young people know that we believe God is actively involved in human affairs and that it does make a difference what you believe and how you live. In this we intend to allow young people to make informed, balanced decisions about how to live, where to place their faith. 

We try to produce theatre that is honest, vulnerable and open to risk. As a Company we choose to walk among the questions rather than sitting on the answers.


Easter 1995

Report from Steve Daughtry - January 2004

(near to the end of the C.O.S era)

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