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The Good Stuff, God songs were written when my children were around primary school age, often in response to something they said or did.


Lionel Holt and I had written a few kids songs. Soon after I added a song each by John McCormack and Lance Peele. There was now enough for an album and we were off recording. Jono Callow (a mere lad at the time) and I laid down the basic tracks together. All songs were recorded on a TASCAM cassette four track machine, bouncing tracks together as needed.


With Lionel Holt’s three daughters, Hannah, Isobel and Miriam, together with my youngest daughter Kirilee and my wife Willemina, we had a family band called KAZOOM, featuring various instruments including kazoos. KAZOOM performed some album songs live at community events.


Older teenage girls from TLC church willingly filled out the vocals. Lionel added his fiddle and mandolin. Steve Camp dubbed some vocal harmonies and guitar. Steve Messer played harmonica. Craig Smith added some piano. Darryl Thompson played accordion. Brad Evans graciously added sax and clarinet.


On the tune “In My Orchestra” John McCormack played spoons and Andy McGowan on digeridoo. I remember having a lot of enjoyment adding harmonicas, mandolins, melodica, piano etc here and there. All very good fun.

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