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CATCH THAT MOMENT ~ Rod Boucher family & friends

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In 1997, we were visiting our dear friends the Smallbones in Nashville USA and David suggested that I extend my Country credentials beyond the two songs of mine that Slim Dusty had seen (with David’s help), recorded and performed.


So when we returned to Australia to visit in 1998, I put together a bunch of songs with a Country flavour that I’d written over the decades. Gerry produced at ‘The Mansions’ Fusion Arts Colony in Malmsbury, Victoria. Gerry, Darryl, Leigh, Kool, Georgina, Becca and I played and sang for a very delicate and simple set of demos to show David and his contacts. The album is quite different than my normal ‘in your face’ offerings.


At a breakfast meeting in Nashville, we played my ‘ace card’ track to the potential publishing agent and he dismissed it on the spot - the Music Business is tough. However, this album is gentle and reflective with many of the songs born from great pain. I pray that they are a comfort and encouragement.

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