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The album CHANGES, arranged and produced by David and Rosanna Palmer, was recorded at Sing Sing Studios in Richmond, Victoria in 1997. Phil Butson was the sound engineer.

With David on bass guitar and Rosanna on guitar and vocals, other contributors to this project included Andy Sorenson (keys), Gary ‘Tex’ Houston (keys), David Langley (guitars), Johno Zaffarese (live drums) and Clifford Meyer (congas).

Mal Fletcher describes Rosanna as an “artist, music pioneer, ‘electric poet’, pastor and one of Australia’s favourite Christian daughters”. Vic Campbell asserts, “Rosanna was born to be a dynamic live performer. With great vocals, fiery red hair and an imposing stage presence, she wields a Gibson electric guitar as front person for an aggressive hard rock outfit”.

Vic Campbell published a book in 2012 titled “Rosanna - Rock ’n’ Roll Believer”. It is available from Vic at VC Media.

You can purchase Rosanna’s albums from Apple Music.

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 Above: Rosanna's Raiders Mainstage at Black Stump Music & Arts Festival south of Sydney, October 1985. 

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