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1981  My wife Jo and I packed up our FC Holden and moved to Adelaide to pursue music and art. I worked for 7 years with Christian performers and songwriters such as Rod Boucher, Robin Mann, Kathy Pike, Leigh Newton and Stephen Daughtry. I played in the folk band “Three Corner Jack” and later in more techno bands -“The Puppets” and “Dancing On The Wire”- featuring on keyboards, acoustic guitar, singing and writing.


1984  I began writing children's songs and musicals, principally for the Uniting Church. Songs were included in the “GOD GIVES - Songs for Kids” series. 

During the mid 1980s I wrote the songs for “Mighty God” album with the help from my friend Stephen Daughtry, my wife Jo, and our kids Xavier and Amy. I was inspired by the need for fun and meaningful songs for kids. At the time I was working as a groundsman at Norwood Primary School in Adelaide. Musically, I was exploring children's material that had broad and sophisticated styles. At that time, the “Sesame Street” TV programmes that combined incredible musicians with education and life were a big inspiration to me.


1988  Our family joined the Bi-Centennial National Tour called “Bushfire”. I was one of the composer-artists on tour. My family forged lifelong friendships while travelling around Australia for 12 months with 25 adults and 25 children in 13 motorhomes. 


1990’s  Various musicals were published as part of “KUCA Campout” events.

I partnered with many artists recording, producing, writing, performing and self-publishing (albums, exhibitions, musicals and workshops). My family (including 7 children) lived at “The House Of Prayer” in Goulburn, NSW and at the “Fusion Arts Colony” in Malmsbury, Victoria. These Christian communities were home base to many tours across Australia. 

We recorded songs in a small bungalow in the Dandenongs with Rod Boucher, Darryl Thompson and our families. Many Christian artists also recorded albums with us at Malmsbury as well. Our ethos was born out of the Jesus Movement. 

At the end of the 1990’s “Willow Publishing” began administering my songs.


2001  I became Musical Director for Good Shepherd, Curtin, an Anglican parish in Canberra. In 2010 my family relocated to the Dandenongs just east of Melbourne. I reconnected with long time musical partner Darryl Thompson. I joined Steve Messer's band “Strange Country” for five years. 


2020  I am presently Music Director for TLC Church (Truth & Liberation Concern) in Bayswater, Victoria. I work together with Peter York, a songwriter who also plays at TLC. 

I am also the groundsman for Belgrave Heights Christian School.


Over the decades, I have worked to integrate and reconcile different musical expressions - traditional, charismatic, simple lifesyle, itinerant, radical, conservative ...whether it comes from a hymnbook or YouTube or SongSelect.


My songs can be found in many songbooks including the “All Together” series and the Anglican “TIS” hymnbook. My latest album, “Inspired By Hope” was released in 2015 and is available on iTunes and Spotify.


What fun that the older songs are getting another life here on SONGS-of-faith-hope-and-love.


The best thing I ever did was to pack the FC Holden with Jo in 1981 and chase the dream of following Jesus back in the day! That's what sustains the song.

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