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REFLECTOR ~ ROD BOUCHER family & friends


I’m not a Party POLITICAL animal, in fact I haven’t voted in the Game of Thrones Democracy for 50 years. We are called to be ‘in’ the world but not ‘of’ the world, serving ‘God’ not ‘money’.


But the Politics of People has always been a major concern - the systems that we create that are user friendly and then unfriendly, helpful and then destructive.


The songs on this first side Reflect the stories that have come my way about the effects on my fellow humans as they interact with Yesterday’s miracle solution which becomes Today’s headache.


We recorded this album over a week and a bit at The Mansions ‘Fusion Arts Colony’ early 1996, before our smaller family set off into the unknown overseas, where we miraculously performed Street Theatre around the world for the next 12 years. Amazing.


I am still moved to tears by the amazing interaction on-the-spot by the players and singers, the wonderful tones, tunes and noises superbly collected. Music composed, made and lived in Community.


I do love people, of all kinds. I love to watch faces and bodies moving in crowds, each one totally unique, totally special and totally loved by our Creator God.


Empathy is not one of my major gifts. I observe and feel deeply but am not always moved by people’s plight. I find it hard to get beyond the crazy decisions we make and the consequences that we fail to expect.


So, when I say PERSONAL, I mean the individual pain of persons, fellow travellers, Pilgrims on the dusty, rocky road. We make decisions each day and they collectively lead to life and death each day, here and now . . . let alone the future.


What a privilege it is to create with this musically dramatic Mob, in many strange places and circumstances, over many decades, always with passion, risk, flair and generosity.


Speaking of the Present and the Future - 55 years later at 73, I still put them into Jesus’ hands every morning and am very grateful, every night.

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