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About a week before our Adelaide based band Buffalo Drive broke up (which had toured Australia for nearly 4 years) I was reading a folk music magazine “SING OUT!” and noted a photo of ‘Jesse ‘Lone Cat’ Fuller’ with electric guitar, mike, kazoo and ‘Fotdella’ organ bass pedals with hi-hat. I said to Vivi, “If ever Buffalo Drive breaks up I know what I can do.” 


The next week I went into John Reynold’s drum shop and asked them to make a set-up with a big bass drum, a smaller military drum connected to a high hat, hooters and a small splash cymbal. They loved the idea and the next week I had “One Man’s Band” which I toured around Australia for the next 7 years playing at schools, churches, old-folks homes, clubs, festivals, concerts, radio, television, films and rock’n’roll tours alongside AC/DC, Split Enz, Rose Tattoo, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, The Angels .....


There was enormous musical freedom (composing and performing) being only one person but with a louder band sound. I was ‘cheap to keep’ and ‘easy to travel’ so many doors opened that a band couldn’t step through. I flew to many places in all the Australian States most weekends to be back at the Duthy Street Good*God studio during the week with Vivi and our 5 girls (so far). It was a great opportunity but exhausting, quite lonely and an incredible trial for our family. Unlike many musician’s families, God kept us together. Heartfelt thanks.


The ‘One Man’s Band’ cartoon is drawn by an ever-amazing mate Linc Tiver, who has created many graphics to link in with our music over the decades.

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