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SET US ON FIRE ~ ROD BOUCHER family & friends



Vivi, the girls and I have lived in Communities of Christians with others, many others, for 50 years. Life is always full of people with hopes and pain, skills and limitations, fragilities and fantastical surprises.


This album was born in Community, the Fusion Arts Colony at The Mansions, Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia where we all lived, dreamed, created, toured and reflected for 9 years in the 1990s. You can hear the players and singers listening eagerly for each other and interacting musically, as we would physically and emotionally each day. I love it.


Technically, we four (Butterfly, Darryl, Gerry and Rod) were all plugged into the borrowed Yamaha 4 Track recording live the core stereo tracks of electronic percussion, keyboard bass, lead and rhythm guitars and lead vocal, often in one ‘take’. The other 2 tracks were used for overlaying extra leads and double tracked harmony and group vocals. Soooo fresh.


There are innumerable flights of fantasy where we just ‘went for it’ in the Spirit, within and around the songs that I, with many others, had already been given around that time. We are incredibly grateful for the gifts that we continue to be given. “Thanks Creator God.”

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