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SON OF MIGHTY GOD ~ Gerry Holmes family & friends


This album is the sequel to my first kids album MIGHTY GOD.

After living for seven years in motorhomes, I came to this album with many experiences to share. It was a partnership between my wife Jo, myself and our 6 children (another child arrived later that year). We were joined on the album by friends we made on the 1988 “Bushfire” Bicentennial Tour. Friends from the edgy Melbourne church “TLC” in Bayswater also contributed.

All “takes” were recorded on a trusty Tascam cassette 4 track at “The Mansions” located in Malmsbury, Victoria. Everything was captured between noisy trucks passing on the Calder Highway.

Peter York produced, introducing real drums and bass to this album. Live band tracks were recorded mono on track 1. That left 3 tracks for everything else. Instrumental solos were squeezed on to track 2 with lead vocals. So many ideas on so little tape! It's a kids album with great energy. Rod Boucher engineered many instruments and voices with nail biting precision.

Steve Messer played some monumental blues harp and mandolin. Darryl Thompson, as ever, played all the things I heard in the songs but couldn't play! So, this is a time capsule of our community, young and old. Precious! There are some names that have “gone on to do things”. No names are forgotten. Every person gave unique talent to the recordings, and all for free. Sounds like something Rod and Vivi Boucher role modelled!


  The Holmes family  

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