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A Blurb from JOHN SMITH

GOD'S SQUAD Melbourne  c.1975
excerpt from the LP vinyl album sleeve

Sometime about mid 1972, a handful of concerned brothers and sisters began to break out of traditional Christian cultural containment in response to a growing compassion for the alienated of our society. Young and old, radical and conservative, labourers, hip guys and ‘straights’, artists and of course musos, make up “Truth & Liberation Concern” community.

It was inevitable that somebody with an understanding of youth’s ‘lingua franca’ (music) should join the pilgrim band. So very early the band FLOCK, began to minister to the community, and assist in telling the watching world that Christ’s offer of “Cool Living Water” is the alternative to the pessimistic humanism of the hour. This album, in music and lyrics, expresses the simplicity of lifestyle, the doubts, hopes and certainties of our ‘Concern’.

FLOCK are part of a larger movement, world-wide, inside traditional Church structures and outside established traditions - radical disciples of the way of Jesus Christ.

FLOCK Group PhotoBW_1.1MB.jpg

  FLOCK:  Kevin Albrecht, Bill Younes, Dave Diprose, Kay Fitzgerald, Rod Vandersluys  

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