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FINDING GOLD ~ Gerry Holmes family & friends

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On the eve of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Mal Graetz approached a number of artists to be a part of a primary school programme exploring self worth. We quickly wrote and collected ten songs, recording eight of them at Concordia College Chapel. Partnering with Scripture Union S.A., a CD and songbook was produced.


Song five is by Leigh Newton. Two of the recordings came from the Uniting Church KUCA Campout musicals.


Butterfly Boucher produced the album before her move to Nashville, Tennessee USA. Legendary drummer Ray Shepherd gave the songs a pulse and engineer Andy Voigt captured small and large voices and instruments brilliantly.


Local people performed these songs live, many many times around Adelaide that year. And, yes, there were actions that we can still do, even twenty years later!

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FINDING GOLD Primary Schools Programme

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