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Christmas Songs

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A Few Words from MAL GRAETZ


GOD GIVES…Songs for Kids BOOK 4 was published in 1998 by 'Uniting Education', a branch of the Uniting Church in Australia. Jan Oliver says in the song book introduction, The latest publication in the GOD GIVES series has come about because of the demand for more children’s songs that focus on the special events in the church calendar.


I have enjoyed listening to the first 9 songs which have a Christmas theme. Two of the songs were written by Rachel aged 8 and Kerry aged 11. I hope you too enjoy these songs in the lead up to Christmas.


I have tried my best to track down the song writers but several have eluded me. For that reason, some of the songs can only be streamed, not downloaded. Please get in touch with me via the website if you are a song writer that I haven’t been successful in making contact.


The Uniting Church in Australia Assembly has given me permission to reproduce the online version of GOD GIVES 4 subject to their specific conditions.

Leigh Newton's version of "Come, little Jesus" can be downloaded from his "Christmas in the Shed" album on his Bandcamp website

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