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TELLING STORIES  was first performed for 3,000 people in March 1997 at West Beach Caravan Park, Adelaide. This was part of the K.U.C.A. Club Kid’s Campout for the Uniting Church in South Australia. 


The musical was written by Gerry Holmes and the cassette tape was published by “The Waterhole” and the Commission for Mission, Children’s Ministry Unit, SA Synod.

The musical is “about God’s Never-Ending story as told in the Bible and the lives of the faithful throughout the years. It is also a celebration of God’s story still being told in our lives and times, ordinary people being extra ordinary.”


“God’s story didn’t start in a book and it will not end in one either. We are the story, but there are chapters that have come before us, and there are still more to come.”


With the dynamic cast of kids and adults singing and performing, an array of talented musicians gave the musical a high-powered boost.


At that time, “Telling Stories “ was the 13th musical Gerry Holmes had written or co-written along with oodles of other songs. Gerry and his wife Jo have travelled widely across Australia performing with his family.

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 Below are the SONGS ONLY for "Telling Stories" 

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