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iDeA, a serious Techno band which morphed from ‘La Bouche’, a fun Rock band, was formed and based in Sydney 1982-1986 while touring around Australia. We drastically changed direction after a savage magazine review of our support show for touring Canadian Bruce Cockburn! We went from all-join-in, sing-a-long fun into seriously intentional, cutting edge technology and intent, expressing our faith as a tough word into our surrounding society.

We all wrote songs in rehearsal, pre-rehearsal and on-the-spot (walk-on-water). This album is a small selection of those heartfelt expressions of our glimmer of hope in a darkening world, our call to live life differently, daringly.

This is a real DIY mini-album after recording in expensive studios a topical single, “Turn Up The Tapes” about political phone tapping and “Eve Of Destruction” for its 20-year anniversary, wonderfully but upward spirally financed by a friend. We had no financial backing for an album, so we hired an extra mixer desk, plenty of FX modules, some good fold-back speakers and with our normal onstage gear, we set them all up in Darryl and Lyn’s lounge room rental house in Menai and recorded live in one take onto a Revox stereo 1/4” tape machine. Powderworks, the releasing record company was shocked that there was just the one Master tape that we played them. It was quick, in our control and fresh. We loved it.

07 Eve of Destruction
00:00 / 03:56

  Due to copyright issues, the track "EVE OF DESTRUCTION" is not available for downloading.

Lyrics can be found in the downloadable Lyrics & Chords booklet.  

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