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HOLD ON ~ Gordon Mullen

HoldOn-Gordon Mullen_CD Cover.jpg

I took my time. Almost 50 before recording my first and only album, HOLD ON, released in 1994. I had never expected to record. ‘Sometimes’ was my solitary song to get public airing until then. Enter JOHN BOSUA..... 

John Bosua, the sound engineer and manager of Melbourne’s TLC Recording Studios, has influenced the work of writers, musicians, engineers and producers and is wholly responsible for the birth of the album. With the priceless gifts of encouragement and generosity, John crafted together a team of session musicians from his folio of friends and collaborated with Producer, David Carr to inspire Darryl Thompson, Geoff Bentley, Les Price, Chris Bishop, Andy Sorenson and the wonderful Jennifer Anderson. Add in travelling salesman, Carl Laurens, who performed a cameo on the opening, cheeky ‘Tested Positive for Love’. John had the art of utilising all resources from his AC/DC days. John Bosua, the legend. 


David dressed the songs masterfully, then marinated with spicy guitar solos that would make Brian May smile. ‘Sport for the Generals’ is lyrically anti Desert Storm invasion, of chest thumping, arrogance and supremacism and David’s solo breathtakingly punctuates the searing atrocities. The songs wander through my mind on topics of famine, trapped living off the street, an introspection, a stillborn heartache, a personal journey, a love song, war and the ironic rejection of refugees. The Winter babe trilogy, Winter Babe, Nothing Wrong With You and Babe Reprise begins with loss, ends with hope. And in between, images that beguile and examine. An album with as many questions as answers.

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