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Editor of The Pilgrim House Pocket Songbook

Esh Winning, UK  2000

After a decade of pilgrimage my pockets are full of songs. I’ve sorted them into a collection that will fit into just one pocket. For pilgrim families like my own these songs have become part of who we are, they possess the whiff and tang of what we live out day by day....

The material is sometimes strident, heroic even; a fist of faith raised at the assaults of life. Sometimes the songs are whimsical and filled with wry humour. They are at their best when sung by people of all ages.

There is an earthiness to all our music which comes from years of travel, firstly in the vast spaces of Australia and more recently around the world, meeting an enormous variety of people. The songs are a celebration of God in the everyday, an expression of faith lived out each day.

Sing and enjoy.

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