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In late primary school I showed an interest in playing the piano so my parents arranged lessons. After several years of following the musical dots, my older brother Ernest showed me some chords on the guitar. It dawned on me that I didn’t need the dots to play music and that I could translate the note reading I’d learnt in piano lessons onto the guitar fretboard. I was off on the guitar. Ernest and I began writing songs together - very bad songs - but it was a start. 


"Soul Reflection" was the first band I was involved in with mates at Mildura Tech School. The drummer Allan Watson conveniently lived a few houses up from the school so skipping classes to play music together was a past time.


I moved with my Mum, Dad and four brothers from Mildura to Melbourne in 1968. Melbourne had a very strong rock music culture that kept me imbibing live performances by Australian bands like Chain, Daddy Cool, Spectrum etc.


I played and sang at various folk and blues nights at Swinburne University with a school mate David Edny and continued to experiment with songwriting. 


At 21 I left my job at Allans music in Melbourne to further pursue performing. 


After the "Peter York Band", a 5 piece band in the early 1970s, and various other musical combinations, I performed solo for years mostly around Melbourne coffee houses, pubs, restaurants, churches and lounge rooms.


Ten albums of my own songs have been produced along the way which included many other talented musicians - Duane Mitchell, Martin Zammit, Darryl Thompson, Steve Messer and others. 


I currently reside in Melbourne and am involved in the music at TLC Church (Truth & Liberation Concern) in Bayswater, Victoria. Songwriting is still my thing.

Peter York can be contacted by email for purchase of his CD's (subject to availability).

"There You Are: Songs and Instrumentals" 1995 (13 tracks on CD)

"Good Stuff, God - Fun Songs for Kids" 1999 (13 tracks on CD)

" Break Down the Walls" - Australian worship songs by Peter York and friends. 2001 (7 tracks on CD)

"Grace Fruit" - Peter York and Friends 2011 (18 tracks on CD)

"The Gift Human” 2007 (11 tracks on CD)

"Long Story, Short Song” 2020 (10 tracks on CD)


“The Gift Human” 2007 is also available to purchase on iTunes.

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