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KINDEKRIST was formed at Scots Presbyterian Church in Adelaide by Rev Rod Jepsen. He was a drummer and was joined by Scots members Andrea Findlay (later White) on organ & John Pryzibilla, sound & management. Robin & Dorothy Mann (vocals & guitar) & Brian Loffler (bass) were recruited from the Lutheran Church. Only Robin & Dorothy were with the band from start to finish (in 1998).

Especially because it was breaking new ground, Kindekrist was invited to play in numerous churches of every denomination. While church services were its staple diet, beginning with regular gigs at Scots & St Stephen’s Lutheran, it also did concerts and performances in a wide variety of other places. The biggest event that first year was a ‘Rock evensong’ at St Peter’s Cathedral. From 1972 on, the monthly student services at St Stephen’s were the most regular part of their calendar - and mostly the best attended with 350 to 450 the standard congregation.

Never a professional or commercial band, Kindekrist did a lot of recording: 3 LPs, 3 cassettes, as well as recording songs for "All Together" collections (3 & 4). 

Membership: after the first year Brian & Andrea didn’t continue. Doug Petherick was the bass player for the rest of the band’s life (vocals & harmonica too). A number of keyboard players followed Andrea’s departure. Darryl Webb & Thom Mann were the two ’10 year’ drummers after Rod finished in 1975. Along the way Andrew Pill became their sound man and his Kombi van became the transport for their gear.

Kindekrist: a folk-rock band that injected some new sounds & songs into the life of the Australian church. 

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