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KINDEKRIST released its first album ‘Commonplace Forms’, in 1973. The band continued its busy playing schedule with a couple of line-up changes and a lot of new songs in 1974. Their new LP was recorded at Pepper Studios in Adelaide with Rod Boucher producing. Strong vocals from Dorothy & Robin Mann together with Doug Petherick featured throughout. Their rich harmonies were well supported by the sparkling piano of Kelvin Brown, Doug’s liquid bass playing and the steady, supportive drumming of Rod Jepsen.


After opening with the lively ‘Hillside Gallows’, there are fresh takes on two of Jesus’ sayings in ‘Sparrow’ & ‘Watch out for the Wolf’. A musical ad for the Good News Bible is followed by a quiet evening prayer. The first side (as it was in record mode) finished with a couple of sardonic versions of gospel truths.

Side two features three songs that led to the album’s title. The first is the slow but riveting ‘Father’s Blues’.

Stand-out vocals from Dorothy. She also leads the other two ‘father’ songs, the last of which, ‘Song for Kristin’, became Robin’s most widely used song ‘Father Welcomes’. The second half of this collection also features new lyrics for two old folk songs.

The performance & production stand up superbly 45 years later. 

  Due to copyright issues, the track "GOOD NEWS" is not available for downloading.  

04 GOOD NEWS - Kindekrist
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L to R: John Pryzibilla, Rod Jepsen, Dorothy Mann, Doug Petherick, Robin Mann, Kelvin Brown

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